Aditya Society

Our Mission

The youth must build vocational acumen along with their academic knowledge. And, in a bid to build a better future, we hone their job-oriented skills and make them accessible to opportunities countrywide.

Our Vision

To build a robust workforce in the country that can not only cater to the industrial needs but also drive the economy of our nation. We intend to pioneer in this effort and help create an unemployment-free India.


“Shri Aditya Education Society” began its journey on “16th March 2015”,  located in Srinagar, Dharwad city, State Karnataka–an educational hub for the northern Karnataka region. SAES is registered as a Society at Dharwad. The NGO registration has been done under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. Unique Registration No. DWR-s585-2014-15, CD Number- DWR53. On the date of 16th March 2015. The Chairman of SAES is “Smt. Sharada Patil Chief Functionaries Officer”.

Shri Aditya Society Logo
Shri Aditya Society Logo

We are stepping towards improving the standard of living of the Urban and the Rural populace. Thus, we are developing well-researched programs that empower the knowledge of young stars to cope up with modern business activities and make them sociable with the modern world. We envision young brains to train for all the basic needs of business and activities through holistic training from our society which provides world-class services to many Retail Sectors.

We strive to improve and stabilize their livelihoods and contribute to the economic growth of our country. Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of our country. With the increasing pace of globalization and technological advancement–skills are quintessential to build success.

“There is no substitute for hard work”