The Four Great Benefits of a Digital Marketing Career

By now you’ve likely heard the hype – Digital marketing skills are in extreme call for and the digital skills gap is about to widen, the job marketplace is booming (and quite frankly bursting on the seams) and brands are putting more of a focus on digital marketing than ever before. Bigger budgets, improved pay and better career choice are just some of the benefits digital marketing professionals can look forward to this year and beyond.

Debating over whether to change profession route or what to study next? You might need to find out the four massive digital marketing benefits first. They’re good, we promise.

1. Become an In-demand professional

You’ve heard of the digital skills gap, right? There’s 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020 and not sufficient digital experts to fill them. This provides those studying digital marketing with a unique competitive benefit – you’re gearing yourself up for a career in which demand exceeds supply. Constantly an amazing move.

During the recession recent graduates have been plunged into a world of uncertainty, job scarcity and all round terribleness. Wouldn’t it be great to benefit a sparkling set of abilities that could future-proof your profession, increase your job security and even enhance your career development?

The most important thing for you is that you need to take back control of your career and reestablish the confidence you misplaced during the recession. Bear in mind this: agencies still need your treasured talents – you might just want to turn them digital. According to Mondo demand for digital marketing specialists will rise by 38% this year. It’s time you took advantage.

2. Benefit from More Career Choice

The home office of a large number of the world’s driving computerized mammoths like Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are situated in Dublin, giving an abundance of openings for work for advanced experts to look over. Once in a while seven days passes by without another surge of computerized employments reported for multinationals, national brands and even SMEs.

For instance, this year Ryanair made 200 computerized occupations, a considerable lot of which were advanced advertising positions. At the Web Summit Taoiseach Enda Kenny likewise reported 400 new computerized employments over a scope of advanced advertising parts, including online networking. Furthermore, LinkedIn is soon set to twofold its workforce to 1200 staff and Microsoft plan to enlist 100 more advanced graduates.

With such a wide cluster of new open doors accessible advanced advertisers can bear to get exacting about the kind of organization they’d jump at the chance to work for. We’d urge you to exploit this decision and consider what sort of business best suits your profession needs.


3. Get Paid More Than Your Friends

We’ve just discussed how demand for digital marketing professionals is surpassing supply. In conventional financial matters we as a whole comprehend what occurs next – the estimation of the item increments alongside the cost. When you’re working in a productive industry with an expansive abilities lack you can consider yourself like an item – and arrange your salary as needs be.

A current survey by Prosperity found that digital pay rates are rising speedier in 2014 than in the past five years. In addition, the pace of development is set to affix. For instance, the normal salary for a digital marketing manager in Dublin is €68,00. And it’s not simply managerial level digital marketing positions encountering a salary surge – section level PPC positions have hopped from €25,000 a year ago to €28,000 this year.

The 2014 Marketing Salary survey by The Marketing Institute and Alternatives affirmed the positive discoveries. The survey uncovered many energizing progressions for digital marketing professionals. Here are our top choices: half of respondents got a salary increment this year, 66% got rewards and 61% said their organizations are enlisting once more.


4. You Can Kick Start Your Own Career

In more conventional professions like advertising you’d need to sit tight for a desired entry level position or graduate arrangement to open up so you can pick up involvement and make your own portfolio. The digital marketing world, be that as it may, gives a large group of chances to you to kickstart your own particular profession before you even set foot in a working environment.

Need to stand out to potential managers? Put resources into building an intense social media presence, pick up your own particular Twitter followers, begin your own particular blog and add to important online conversations.There are an entire host of online exams like the Google Analytics exam and HubSpot’s Inbound Certification exam you can take to support your CV and feature your digital marketing information.

There have been a lot of cases of individuals who have been procured in the wake of displaying their ability and capacities through social media. For instance, Dublin based design artist, Holly Shortall got noticed when she tweeted her illustrations to big names on the web. A huge number of glossy magazines and top fashion brands at that point moved toward her and gave her work.


7 Reasons Why A Digital Marketing Job Is Better Than Yours

“Digital” has been the buzzword for a few years now and many people have sworn that it’s just another “phase”. But the reality is that the Digital Marketing flame is only becoming stronger and fiercer with every passing day.

Digital Media Marketing is here to stay.

And if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet because of your doubts about it, we’re going to give you 7 reasons why a job in digital marketing is better than your current job. By the end of this article, you will be Googling how to become a Digital Marketer yourself!

  1. Recession – Proof Industry

There has never been a point of time in history that the marketing sector went out of business. As long as there are consumers, there will be a need for marketing. That being said, let’s look at some trends for the past 5 years:

Clearly, the term “digital marketing” has skyrocketed. Not just that, in Q1 2017, 214 Indian tech start-ups raised about $1.46 Bn in funding! This clearly shows the upward trend in digital.


Adding to that, the highlighting benefit about the digital industry is that it caters to every industry sector – gainers or losers – thus making the digital sector a big gainer in the end!


Plus, the growing number of Internet users (currently, half the world population uses the internet from their desktops and phones) all over the world has fuelled the need for digital jobs worldwide!

Nothing like getting a stable, secure and recession – proof job, is there?

  1. Huge Demand For Digital Marketers

Marketing is the most important aspect of a business. While some people may disagree, and say that product development is the most important, it is vital to remember that there wouldn’t be any product if market research hadn’t been undertaken in the first place. The sudden penetration of smartphones, personal computers and internet to the masses has changed the media consumption and buying behaviour of consumers. Traditional marketing methods are no longer enough to reach customers.

huge demand

Today, every company in the world deploys digital media marketing in some form or other, whether they are small mom-and-pop stores who use WhatsApp as a means to communicate with their market or big conglomerates who use Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Re-Marketing, etc as part of their digital strategy.

As of 2017, there are more than 8 lakh jobs in the digital media industry available in India! However, there are not nearly enough digital professionals to fill this demand gap. By taking up a job in the digital sector, you will be in high demand and in a position to negotiate your salary. Not only that, you can be in a sector of your choice and will be in the midst of this exciting period of the digital revolution of India!

  1. There’s A Place For Everyone

Whether you have a creative bent or an analytical bent, a background in science or a background in arts, the digital marketing industry is open to everyone and everyone can find something in the sector that they can enjoy. This specialty will also help broaden your networking. The various career roles and salaries can be found in point no. 6.

place for all

  1. An Envious Working Environment

The employers in the digital industry strive to make the workplace as casual, creative and desirable as possible. Flexible timings, informal dress code and culture, loads of food and drinks and company outings to keep things interesting! Definitely a work environment to envy.


Another aspect is that, since you have to accomplish your work from around the internet, you can work from anywhere as long as the job is accomplished! Who wouldn’t want to master time management now?

  1. Learn Something New Every Day

The rate at which technology is changing is unbelievable from new social platforms to algorithm updates and mobile technologies, every day brings a new challenge and an opportunity. A digital marketer is supposed to stay updated of these changes and adapt them in the digital strategies and practices. Your work day will never be the same and, indeed, every year will be different from the previous one. You will never hear a digital marketer say, “My job is too monotonous!” and if someone is tired of their role, they can easily switch their role or upskill themselves as all career aspects of digital media are interlinked and cross training across skills is easy.

Learn everyday

  1. Digital Marketers Earn Amazing Salaries

Here are the sectors that you can work in within the digital marketing realm:

– Email Marketing

– Search Engine Optimisation

– Search Engine Marketing

– Social Media Marketing

– Content Marketing

– Inbound Marketing

– Affiliate Marketing

– Viral Marketing

– Influencer Marketing

– Web Analytics

– Copywriting

– Web Design and Development

– Advertising

Here are the salary expectations depending your designation:


  1. Kickstart Your Own Career

Unlike in more traditional careers, you don’t need any prior experience before kicking off your own career. In fact, getting your own brand could not have been easier than in the digital industry! You can start off your own blog or social media identity and become an influencer in a matter of a few months!


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