The Chairwoman

Sharada Patil, M.Sc M.Ed, is the Chairwoman of Shri Aditya Education Society, Dharwad.IMG-20170901-WA0001 Old ways won’t open new doors; hence, we have to keep on searching new ways for the upliftment of the society by using our knowledge and experience. An investment in knowledge never fails, it pays the best interest in future. And with this goal, I established this Society with my dedicated team who also share a keen interest, dedication and service mindedness to do something for the good of the society. So that, the best use of 18 years of my experience in teaching and administration, I aspire to give back to the society by empowering women and youth by means of increasing their employment opportunities which in turn will raise their standard of living.  

“Stop chasing money and start chasing your passion”

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